The wood ... the sea ... with Francesca Torsi whatever is ancient, ancestral linked since the dawn of time to the history of man, becomes something whose echo powerful reaches us and speak to our soul and guide our hands, allowing to create real masterpieces. How the wood bag of Francesca wood Torsi, extraordinary designer that very often to find relax and inspiration, but also strengthen her extreme and refined covenant with the Nature, she faces from his seaside home, watching enchanted the sea for hours, especially when the sea is rough, with its high waves and powerful, full of pathos, but also of sensuality.

Two elements that we find in the creations of this hand of gold artisan that produces luxury accessories Made in Italy strictly handmaded, often in limited edition, realized with extreme attention to detail and amazing and original design, as well as rich in colorful, lively and so rich of joie de vivre and for this reason designed for women with great personality, just like the designer. Absolutely no lover of technology, she considers the television an home ornament and in her home  you can find everywhere pens, colors and notebooks because she loves writing, taking note, ideas, drawing, sketching: her creative day is neverending because the passion for passione, and especially for accessoires like shoes and bags, is born with her.

Now that she makes her own bags, with great pride and seriousness, personalised engraving initials to make every model even more unique, fshe eels an happy and complete woman because what she has always loved now may reflect herstyle and flawless savoir faire. At one time it was nice to wear bags made by others, but nothing is more beautiful to wear something created by us because it reflects our style and who we really are . As happened with her wedding dress that she designed and then she made realized by an atelier exactly as desired, giving life to her more romantic dream.

She designs many collections but her favourite are “Waves” and “Quiterbag” (top seller among with the pochettes) because they were a real challenge for their great making and production

Every bag inside is covered by leather that you can see through the marquetries of the wood outside. In this way there is an interesting chromatic contrast play, very elegant and original. The wood is “essence” of Okumè, a marine tree usually used to realize the famous “gozzi napoletani”, a kind of boat. Francesca Torsi chose this kind of wood for its high impermeability and malleability. The wood is cut in very subtle ways to make the bags so the designer call it “essence of Okumè”.

The impermeability is enhanced by special paints, chosen after many studies by this company, just like the adhesives: everything is studied in every single detail and realizing a perfect bag takes hours and hours of making, step by step. The firts bag ever realized has been a black & white “Waves” that now is always present in every collection like a lucky talisman.. The brand's logo is a horse, always the favorite animal of Francesca Torsi: it transmits a great sense of freedom and rebellion. Go against, go over, do something absolutely different, overcoming the usual mood and tendencies, as she makes betting on herself in the multiple roles of woman, mother, fashion designer, artisan and entrepreneur, with all the responsibilities of sustaining and growing up a company.

A real woman, extremely determinated to assert herself in the world of fashion by working in a contemporary way one of the oldest materials in the history of humanity. Thanks  unique style, the infinite range of shapes and colours, it is really impossible for a client not to find the perfect bag for every occasion. These bags aren't bags for everyone, but only for those who love the superior craftsmanship and is capable to understand the masterful handmaded craftsmanship absolutely out of the ordinary for the extraordinary beauty of shapes anc colors. Bag for expert, then, perfect for who believes in the Made in Italy philosophy of the Beauty and Well Done. You can find these masterpieces on sale at Dubai, New York and Taranto.

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